The Worlds First Firearm Display Safe.

Introducing the Rifle and Shotgun InvictaSafe

If your firearm has meaning, looks cool, has historical significance, is a family heirloom, or you just want to look at it and think it looks better than a boring painting. Whether it be in your bedroom, den, above the fireplace, office, closet, man-cave, etc. Don’t hide it, Display it! Safely!!!!


Viewing Area:  48” L x 21.125” H x 4” Depth

Total Size:  52.5” L  x 25” W x 5” Depth

Weight: Aprox. 105 lbs.

14 Gauge Steel  with ½” Polycarbonate Ballistic Glass


  • Choose from these 4 background (Powder Coated) colors: Red, Black, Blue, Silver
  • Optional Colors:
  • Red Velvet Cloth $ 75.00
  •  Upload any Digital Image $200.00
    • Must be 150 DPI or greater
    • We attach the Digital Image to the Background
    •  Secure Display / InvictaSafe is not responsible for any and all trademark, copyright, or any other right infringement and is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • UV Ballistic Glass Rifle/Shotgun: $100.00
  • Optional Wooden Shipping Crate: $200.00 (Please Call or email)
    • Normally comes with protective cardboard shipping container