The Worlds First Firearm Display Safe.

About InvictaSafe™

Firearm enthusiasts are emotionally attached to their firearms. Many people are proud of their firearms and want to showcase/display them in the privacy of their home or office with the same protection that a traditional firearm safe provides.  With InvictaSafe your firearm will be superbly protected against unauthorized access, theft, as well as helping protect children from accessing them.  InvictaSafe is designed to provide unmatched security through a combination of advanced patent pending designs along with high and low tech advancements.  InvictaSafe makes an ideal gift for any firearm enthusiast.

The Original InvictaSafe™
FireArm Display Safe
Safely Display Your FireArm Like a Work of Art
Secure • Protect • Display
$799.00 Tax Not Included
Background colors: Red Velvet (No Charge)
Comes standard with two magnets
See below for other available options

Why Choose InvictaSafe™


  • Like a traditional firearm safe InvictaSafe protects your Firearm from children and theft.
  • InvictaSafe is made from 12 and 14 gauge steel in the front, ballistic glass, and numerous patent pending designs that truly protect your firearm.

Available Options

Options include:

    • UV Ballistic Glass: $50.00
    •  Red Velvet Background (No Charge)
    • Background Digital Image Upload: $125.00
    • For other background colors, materials, call us.
    • Optional “Hardened” CAM Tubular Lock $85.00 (Note our standard CAM locks are extremely strong however we have had customer’s request even stronger locks.  This is the best we could find that works to our standards.)
    • Optional Removable frame (Handgun Safe) that you can replace with whatever you wish.  Ideal for customizing depending on the type of weapon and location/theme within your home or office. $85.00
    • BioMetric Lock:  $100.00
      • Replaces CAM lock and holds 20 fingerprints
      • Battery with rechargeable power
      • Light blinks if the power goes low
      • Go Magnets (ideal for pistols, knives, etc.) $11.00 each.
        • Optional Magnets: note we attempt to minimize the size of the magnets to attempt to hide them and only draw focus to the firearm.  Feel free to contact us to discuss what is best for you 630-448-0071.