The Worlds First Firearm Display Safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? We are located in Aurora IL USA just outside of Chicago.

Where are the safes made? We use local metal fabricators in Illinois.  We utilize Ballistic Glass that is cut to our specifications in Illinois.  The remaining pieces and parts are sourced from a variety of manufacturers and we do our best to find made in the USA sub-components.  Final assembly takes place in our facility in Aurora IL USA. 

What kind of lock is it? We use a high quality cam lock that would be very difficult to pick.  We used an expert locksmith and safe cracker to select the cam lock we sell. 

How secure is it?  We attempt to strike a balance between cost and security.    Importantly there are many security features in our product that limits security exposure.  Examples are that we add a 14-gauge steel plate in conjunction with the cam lock so that it cannot be twisted or pried out of the safe and that combined with the 12-gauge steel top should dissuade most thieves and children. 

To be CDOJ compliant a safe has to last approximately 10 minutes with normal household tools (crowbars, sledgehammers, wedges, screwdrivers, drops/throws on to concrete, etc.) and ours lasted over 37 minutes in our prototype testing and then we went form 14 gauge top to 12 gauge steel and doubled the strength and size of the hinge on the door.  We feel we have a very solid safe. 

Is red the only color for back-ground display:  Many of our customers want different colors, materials or patterns to showcase their prized firearm.  We have even had customers send me leather and particular patterns that they wanted.  The second most asked for choice is blue, the third is camouflage, fourth is gold, but we will do anything you want.  Just tell us and we can take pictures and send to you for approval. 

What is the power source of lights: The InvictaSafe utilizes a 12v 1 Amp power source to the LED lights that comes with a remote controller allowing you to turn up and down the level of brightness and allows for modulation or strobe effect at varying speeds.

How we change frame:  The frame is attached with four industrial strength velcro tabs and allows for easy replacement to a custom frame.  Some of our customers actually like the no frame just showing the black powder coating of the metal. 

What is the frame made of:  The frame is made of a wood composite. 

What is the size: The dimensions of the safe are: 20” x 16” x 6”.  The frame is 12” x 16”, and the box size is approximately 24” x 20” x 8” and this is also the approximate size of the viewing window which allows for large pistols or multiple firearms. 

What is the weight:  The weight of the safe fully assembled is under 42 lbs. 

How does the firearm appear to float:  We use 2 very powerful rare earth magnets that are wrapped in a leather like substance, allows for easy movement of the magnets.  This is ideal for a semi-automatic (actually can display two) or a single revolver where the magnets are spaced apart so the cylinder is placed between them for a solid and balanced look.  If you need more magnets just contact us.

Is there a guarantee: We are willing to put a money back guarantee on the InvictaSafe.  If after you receive the InvictaSafe and for whatever reason you do not like it; just call or email us within 30 days of delivery and you can return for a full refund and we will pay our normal shipping costs so no cost to you for return.  We want happy and satisfied customers.