The Worlds First Firearm Display Safe.

What is InvictaSafe™?

InvictaSafe is an evolutionary “Firearm Display Safe” that offers the same advantages of traditional firearm safes along with the added benefit of being able to “Safely Showcase your Firearm like a Work of Art”.  Our Gun Display Safe Utilizes see-through protective ballistic glass, a handsome picture type frame, and stunning LED lighting that will make your firearm standout and attract attention like an amazing painting.




Secure: Your firearm from children, teenagers, and unauthorized access.  Tragedies occur due to not properly securing your weapons. We believe InvictaSafe will save lives.

Protect: Your firearm, your investment and your family.  InvictaSafe allows for simultaneous quick access in case of emergency. It is designed to overcome theft and non-allowed access with strong low and high-tech features.

Display: Your firearm that you are proud of.  Maybe your firearm has meaning, looks cool, has historical significance, is a family heirloom, or you just want to look at it and think it looks better than a boring painting. Whether it be in your bedroom, den, above the fireplace, office, closet, man-cave, etc. Display it!


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